First antibiotic-free chickens – Made in Brittany


The poultry farming has been one of the biggest antibiotics users during several years. Nowadays, due to new legislations, antibiotic resistance increasing and evolution of customers’ expectations, feed sector is looking for alternatives in order to reduce medicated solutions. In early July 2015, the first antibiotic-free chicken have been presented during “Entre Terre et Mer” festival. These animals are raised in Brittany and fed with algae based alternative solutions. 500 000 Breizh Algae chicken have already left a Breton slaughterhouse (Tilly-Sabco).
The innovation director of Breizt Algae explained that: “ Brittany can differentiate itself through its algae! Sea and Land associated to produce chickens has to allow Brittany […] to gain market shares”. Tomorrow this activity should be major across Europe.
Source: Revue de l’Alimentation Animale – Sept 2015
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