The ban of GMO soybean would represent an extra cost of 10%


A new study published by 3 agricultural organisms care about the economic impact that the ban of GMO soybean would have in animal nutrition. It concludes that the substitution by GMO-free soybean would increase feed costs by 10% for livestock sector. This report looks at the potential implications of this ban in 4 countries: France, Germany, Hungary and Poland. It highlights that actual whole quantity of soybean used in feed could not be replaced by other raw material. “The majority should be replaced by GMO-free soybean which is 15 to 50% more expensive (between +44 and +176€ per ton)”.

The substitution would lead to a feed cost increase of EUR 1,2 billions in this 4 countries and EUR 2,8 billions for the European livestock in all the European countries stop using GMO soybean. Their competitiveness would be weakened.

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