Yeast extract to improve health of young chicks


The latest results showing that a yeast supplementation to the early diet of young chikens has a positive impact, were presented at the 3rd IHSIG International Symposium on Poultry Gut Health held on October 2015 in Ghent, Belgium. The trials, done at IRTA in Spain in early 2015, have highlighted that yeast cell wall and yeast derivatives help boost the immune response and enhance gut integrity. This improvement will give to the chicks a healthy start in life with better production performances. Some studies also shown that early supplementation with yeast cell wall best prepares chicks for enjoying the full benefits of vaccination. It can be explained by the beta-­‐glucans presence which enhance non-­‐specific immune system.

More and more research is done to find natural alternative solutions in order to replace some drug solution in animal feed.

Source : All About Feed
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