Naturéo, Bio c' Bon: the success of youngsters of the organic sector


Naturéo is a chain of small organic supermarkets (450-900 sqm) that was founded in 2007 by 4 four associates (including a former Intermarché member). The brand opened its twentieth point of sale in December 2015 (ten additional openings are scheduled for 2016) and offers a range of 10 000 items, in food and non-food. The average turnover of a Naturéo supermarket is estimated at a little over 4 million euros. The company achieved 55 million euros of turnover in 2014.
Bio c' Bon was founded in 2008 with a rather unusual model. Its proximity concept (200-500 square meters) includes all the codes that make the success of organic stores: assortment well thought, advice (including free consultations from naturopaths), a community spirit (jogging outings, babysitting of green plants). Added to that, a price positioning presented as aggressive.
A proven financial structure ensures the development of the brand. Specializing in real estate investments, company Marne and Finance accompanies Bio c' Bon with different investment means: tax-free financial products that attract investors who are subject to tax on wealth (on behalf of support for SMEs) and support to five years which guarantees a minimum annual return of 7%. These operations provide for Bio c 'Bon funding that allows it to grow at an impressive rate, bypassing franchises. The park had 4 units in 2009, 12 in 2011, 45 in 2013 and 87 stores end 2015 (including 6 abroad)!
Still mainly located in Île-de-France (51 outlets), Bio c' Bon is now installed in most areas, targeting large cities. They are also found in Spain (Madrid) and Italy (Milan).
The average sales of a store is estimated at about 1.5 million euros, and the company’s turnover at 130 million euros.

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