Carrefour and Intermarché enlarge their ranges of ugly food products

Since April 2015, Carrefour listed a camembert under the "Gueules Cassées" (broken jaws) collective brand. A specialty PDO Normandy downgraded for visual defect or weight, sold 2.05 euros each 240 g instead of € 2.85 each 250 g.
The bargain is real (quality remains unchanged), although it is not always easy for consumers to understand without some explanation on shelf (without the official PDO, the product is simply a camembert among others).
Under this "Gueules Cassées" brand, lies a structure involving industrial players and distributors, a bit like a market place. In the case of the camembert, company Gillot proposed its downgraded products (for a full year) and Carrefour stepped up as buyer.
The brand was born in the produce aisle, at Leclerc and Monoprix. It has expanded this year to industrial products with the camembert in Carrefour (nationally listed) and a test of cereals with Casino, in sixty stores.
Carrefour has decided today to go further. It urges its suppliers to offer their downgraded products to sell under the brand name "All AntiGaspi" (reserved for Carrefour). The "Gueules Cassées" are still involved in the process and their logo (a damaged apple) remains affixed to the packs. The association will donate a penny per product purchased to the Microdon solidarity fund.
"To integrate the range Tous AntiGaspi says Carrefour, products must meet the following criteria: be a real solution to a waste problem, be as good and safe as their equivalent, sold cheaper and as locally as possible". First announced development: Tous AntiGaspi breakfast cereals will appear from January 2016 in Carrefour stores of the Northeast region.
At the same time (that is to say, not by chance, that of Cop 21), Intermarché has made public its intention to continue launching "ugly" products.
The group was already noted for its operations on fruits and vegetables since 2014 and last November biscuits (with a batch of 7450 packets of biscuits supplied by the factory Filet Bleu and offered in 143 selected stores). Intermarché announced a new operation, at national level, scheduled for the first quarter of 2016: the "ugly boxes." The sold products will be ready meals, vegetables and foie gras in cans, from two factories of the group (like for the biscuits) : Kerlys and Délices d'Auzan.

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