Halal, a thriving market

Halal products were for a long time confined to local butchers, but are now invited more and more in the supermarkets, across all of France. With more than 6 million of muslim peolple, this market is now experiencing a double-digit growth (+ 10% per year) and accounts for 5.5 billion euros in France. At the global level, it is estimated at 450 billion euros, or nearly 16% of the global food sector

Beyond meat and delicatessen (65,9% of market share), it’s now possible to find, in our supermarket, more sophisticated halal products, at groceries and fresh products (candy, takeaway box, ready-made meal, chocolate). Isla Délice and Réghalal are the historical representatives of the halal market, but there are now two retail brands in the halal products segment in France: Casino Wassila and Carrefour halal. Their market share in volume amounted to 7.3% in the first quarter 2015. 

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