Gaspacho in France

I) The market 

The cold soup market is a niche market in France which represents 6 300 tonnes in volume (to compare in Spain, it’s 30 000 tonnes) and 21.8 million euros in value in 2011.

It’s a dynamic market in value in 2011 which increased by 15,6% and in volume by 11,6%. 

II) The players in this market 

Market shares in value 

Alvalle is the leader of this market with 80% of market shares.

Created in the 90’s this Spanish company belongs to PespiCo and is the leader in Spain. In 2004, they exported the product in France, they completely created this market. This brand became thanks to a famous TV commercial an the sentence « La soupe froide venue d’un pays chaud » means « the cold soup from a hot country ». Website of the company:

Then in second with 8% of market shares, there are private labels from the biggest retailers in France.
Just after we have Créaline, a french soup company, with 5% of the market shares.

This company created in 1991, has a 10 millions euros turnover in 2011 with 50 employees. They produce puree, hot soup and cold soup (gaspacho) with local vegetables.
Website of the company:

Finally, there is GreenShoot with 2% of the market shares. This is a french soup company specialized in soup and gaspacho. They are well known thanks to their organic green gaspacho.
Created in 2009 by Mr Julien Ponceblanc, this company sells top of the range soup with a great packaging. Website for this company website:

More recently, Sodebo (summer 2012) and Martinet (march 2013) have entered this market. Sodebo has sold in 2012, 300 000 units and has received the price of innovation by Franprix. 

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