Gluten-free pizzas riding high

According to an international study recently published by Mintel, 32% of French say they would like to see a wider range of gluten free pizzas on the market. This trend is worldwide: since 3 years, the number of gluten-free pizza launched worldwide increased by 58%. As for the number of launches of rice flour pizza as an alternative to wheat flour, the increase went from 78% to 90%. According to Mintel marketing firm, the demand for alternatives to wheat is growing: 32% of French, 28% of Poles and 22% of Germans. It is even 44% of Italians and 51% of Spaniards. Small problem though. If the interest is high, so far, only 2% of French, 3% of Poles, 3% in Germany, 5% in Spain and 8% of Italians have actually bought gluten-free pizzas in 2015.
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