Pig farms: Nutrinoë study, rather « on farm manufacturing » or rather purchase of feed?

Laurent Morien, president of Nutrinoë, puts the set: « The decrease of the manufacturing in the farm is a reality. Today, 40% of the Breton porks are fed with feed manufactured on farm. First post of loads in pig breedings, they settle more and more the question between the economic choice to buy compound feed or invest in « on farm manufacturing ». The last one has the reputation to be The solution to remain competitive, denigrating animal feed. But a lot of information circulates, most of the time erroneous and missing reliable data. Then how to find itself and help the breeders to optimize their choices of feed system, adapted to their need. Nutrinoë and its members wished to clarify these ideas and to purpose a comparative study on costs of several feed systems set up in pig breedings. The purpose: define the interests and the limits of each of them to be able to make the best choice, the most adapted. Every farm is different.

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