The bulk grocery chain Day By Day opens its first Parisian store

The bulk grocery chain Day by Day opened its 11th point of sale in France and first store in Paris in the 17th district in the heart of the Batignolles district. A location that meets the criteria of the chain of franchisees in a busy street, which focuses food shops. It is approximately 60m2 required with a storage of 15 to 20m2.
The products are offered in glass jars, sealed metal cans, shovel trays in other plastic weirs on tables, podium or white wooden shelves where customers can help themselves to pasta, rice and other ingredients. 25% of products are organic. "In total, we have between 700 and 750 references against barely 70 when we started for 48 product families from a dozen suppliers and these ranges will expand," says Didier Onraita-Bruneau, president and co-founder of the concept that launched with partner David Sutrat (also coming from the retail and consulting world) the first pilot store 100% bulk in Meudon-la-Forêt (92) in May 2013.
A target of 100 stores in 2018
"The bulk is not a new idea but disappeared for years, says Didier Onraita-Bruneau. For three years it’s been back, thanks to the organic network. But it was still restricted to tests in small amounts until the arrival of Day by Day which handles the problem of food waste and packaging. Our goal is to provide the right amount in the right quality at the right price. "
A concept that appeals to a clientele made up half of young people under 35 years. With a logistics warehouse and purchasing center in Vélizy Villacoubay (78), the company achieved a consolidated turnover of € 1 million in 2015 and generated 500% growth between 2014 and 2015. "We expect 600% increase in 2016 compared to 2015, said Didier Onraita-Bruneau. The market is ready. Requests for franchisees are increasing. "
The end goal is to reach 100 stores in 2018 with 20 openings in 2016 and a focus on cities with over 100 000 inhabitants and 35 openings in 2017. 
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