Food consumption : 5 new trends

Food consumption habits have changed. First, food shopping is done more often, and sometimes online. Better quality and local products are privileged, and French people especially cook on Sunday.
According to a study by the Kantar Worldpanel panelist, food mainly remains a pleasure in France, rather than a need for 59% of French people. But actually, only 52% of French cook every day. They are 12% more to do so during the weekend and 45% for Sunday lunch.
Trust in food products is declining in France. Consumers are only 76% to have confidence in the quality of products bought and consumed (-8 points VS 2013). Simultaneously, free-from trends (related to the product composition) are increasing, even if they do not correspond to real health requirements. 10% of households report having purchased a gluten-free product during the last twelve months, even though 83% of them do not actually have people intolerant to gluten in their families.
« Local food » is more and more popular
Concerning fresh food, including fruits and vegetables ; 53% of households report « trying to buy local as much as possible » (+5 points in 4 years). At the same time, 15% of households have bought products directly from a producer at least once in the year.
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