The spectacular growth of Biocoop

The Biocoop network made 768 million euros of turnover in 2015, a 17% growth compared to +13% in 2014. For the record, Biocoop barely made 400 million euros in turnover in 2011.
IN 2016 the 30 year old network now has 383 outlets (33 openings in 2015) and plans forty openings for the current year.
"We represent nearly 50% of market share within the organic specialty stores, which is 14 to 16% in the global market", says Gilles Piquet-Pellorce, General Manager of Biocoop.
"We are one of the few brands that reduced their margins, to increase the accessibility of our organic products."
Indeed, the margin of Biocoop went from 21.2% in 2014 to 20.9% in 2015 (sales minus purchase and transportation costs).
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