MDD Expo Paris : 4 keys trends of Innovation Store

New consumption and purchasing behaviour, new priority… Manufacturers and distributors of private brands have to increase their efforts in order to respond to new consumers’ expectations.  The Private Brands Expo trade show, hold in Paris Expo on 30th  and 31st March, revealed the 4 major trends that currently express worldwide.  With hundreds of private brands products which are already marketed by big names of international commercial distribution.
Examples of innovations illustrate those trends :
Vegetable supremacy : Rise in power of the « semi-vegetarianism » looking for healthier nutritional alternatives, plant products are popular.
Back to balance : Totaly sensitized at the cause food/health, consumers want a better health practices and a return to an balanced diet, with more nutritious food.
On-the-go : Nomadism is increasing on the same time that the acceleration of the lifestyle. Sealable, microwavable, easily transportable, in individual size, mini or pocket, products adapt to be consumed anywhere and anyhow.
« Made In » : First, related to environmental concern, today the trend « Made in » reflects above all the consumers expectations in traceability, to know the origin of products. It refers to « locavorisme ».
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