The gluten-free market is growing

The gluten free market is still progressing. It weighs 40 million euros today and it should reach more than a further 20 million euros in the next two years. Globally, it could reach 3 billion euros in 2020. This protein, present in wheat, barley or rye, is widely used by manufacturers because it gives elasticity and binder to preparations. All in all, more than 70% of industrials products contain.
In France, at leat 1% of the population is allergic to gluten, but 80% of intolerant would not be diagnosed. In parallel, a fashionable phenomeon have emerged around the gluten free diet. Manufacturers wants to take advantage to this new trend. « We were the first to launch our range of gluten-free cakes 25 years ago, in order to satisfy the patients who could not find suitable products. It was confidential, said Christophe Fontaine, partner of ABCD Nutrition group. The company currently generates about 40% of its turnover in gluten-free products, which equals 8 million euros.
Since then, other brands have launched on this lucrative field. They are now more than 110 on the market. The famous pasta manufacturers Barilla, has launched a range of gluten free pasta. Like Carrefour, Herta, Casino, Leclerc or Auchan, which was precursor on the market.
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