Water, juice and coffee, the 3 favorite drinks of French

According to the survey Ifop, water, juice and coffee are the 3 favorite drinks of French. 99% of French consume water, big water drinkers consume an average of 28,6 times per month. Second on the podium, juices and syrup 92% (13,6 times per month with an overweight youth who are 98% to drink 18 glasses per month) and 87% coffee (40% of espresso, 32% coffee filter, 15% of long coffee). Follow then, cola soft drinks with 77% behind the wine (83%) and before beers at 77%.

Some drinks appear as generational ; younger consuming more juice and soda, older coffee and wine. Beer and cider are rather consensual penetration. During the day, the most consumed beverage is the family « hot drinks » to 29% in the evening is beer to 28%. Concerning the coffee, young people turn increasingly to the improved coffees. Consumer are looking for new tastes and want a traditional black coffee. They are 57% to prefer the type of beverages mocchiato, mochaccino and other gourmet drinks, against 38% for 24-35 years and 23% for 35-49 years. With an average of 2,7 cups per day, men are bigger consumers than women. The biggest consumers are the 35-49 (2,8 cups), against 1,8 for those under 24 years.

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