Oils: changes in trends

Consumers look for a variety of things when buying nutritional oils. The ingredients, taste and look of the product are all factors that come into play when a consumer is looking to buy. 78.2% want to know if the product is certified before buying. 56.9% look for the variety in the oil, and only 30% are interested in the taste. The most consumed oil in France is olive oil. Coconut oil is now second. The popularity of this oil is due to its benefits in one's diet, it is also used raw and can be cooked. 

The needs and trends in terms of oils are evolving. Distributors are therefore adapting to the demand. More and more of these distributors mix different types of oils to provide a maximum amount of fatty acids (omega-3, saturated, polyunsaturated…). In addition to these mixtures, brands try to reach as many people with their oils.

For babies, omega-3 is necessary for a good development. Oils made for babies contain large amounts of omega-3, are unscented and can be mixed in with baby food easily. For children and adolescents, brands often add in purified and unscented fish oils to provide DHA (fatty acid that contains omega-3). For men,  squash seed oils are preferred, since this oil has beneficial actions on the prostate gland. Women use borage oils for the beneficial actions on the skin.

Nutritional oils aren’t the only oils used, there are a variety of other oils for external use. They are mostly used for cosmetics, and are as popular as nutritional oils. Argan oil for example contains vitamin E and helps cleanse the skin, avocado oil is used to hydrate hair.

Source :  Bio Linéaires n°71 - mai / juin 2017
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