The new and trendy chia seed

The chia seed has only been on the market for a few years. However, it has already become a very popular and demanded product. In 2015, Europe imported 11 838 tons of this seed, for a total of 26 million euros

Chia seeds are extremely healthy. They bring energy and endurance, help with digestion, hydrate the skin, and provide magnesium, zinc, and omega-3. There are many ways to eat chia seeds. In fact, chia oil and chia flour are existing products. These can be used to cook lighter and healthier meals and help people that are on diets. Chia is also used in the form of lotions to hydrate and embellish the skin and hair. 

The chia seed market is growing increasingly each year. This seed is produced only in America, but if production could also increase in France, it would be easier to respond to the constantly growing demand.
Source : Bio Linéaires n°71 - mai / juin 2017
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