The future of modern-day Nutrition


The demand of consumers in terms of nutrition is constantly changing. Many factors come into play when consumers pick their products. First of all, they look for a nutrition that can last throughout the years. They privilege brands and products that respect environment and people. For 76% of French people, a lasting nutrition is a way to be involved in sustainable development. More and more consumers also look for a nutrition that offers natural and organic products. Different allergies make consumer’s demand more specific.

Products adapted to different cultures and values are also important to reinforce the social bond between cultures and religions like halal products. 67% of buyers declared that the conveniency of the purchase is an important factor as well. Indeed, consumer strategy is oriented towards gaining time and energy. The « drive » for example which helps consumers shop at home, and simply put the already full grocery bags in the car.

Consumers also pursue a nutrition that reminds them of their childhood, that reassures them and that is familiar to them. Today’s consuming trends will also transform digitally. Research and information sharing is done on the internet. From generation to generation, online buying is going to develop more and more. This digital platform facilitates consumer's daily life, who lose less time doing their groceries and moving around.

Source : L'alimentation en 2025 : quels comportements alimentaires demain ? - Dominique André-Chaigneau
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