Leclerc's Wine Fair


Leclerc is once again going to boost its national offer at the annual Wine Fair, held in october 2017. 240 wines and a special selection of organic and foreign wines will be on the menu. With this year's wine fair, Leclerc wants to exceed 92,4 millions of euros in turnover, which is what they made last year. In its national selection, the Leclerc group wants more references, more organic and foreign wines to offer in their stores. At last year's fair, they offered an assortment of only 191 wines. This clearly demonstrates how Leclerc wants to expand and diversify its wine offer.

In its stores, Leclerc has 13 references of foreign wines that come from countries like South Africa, Austria, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Spain...etc.

Leclerc also wants to offer more organic wines. In fact, the group is now proposing 11 references of national organic wines that come from different regions in France.
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