Good Quarter for the Casino Group

This French business who is part of the Stéphanois group closed its second quarter of 2017 in positive terms compared to last year. This was not the case for the previous quarter. On a comparable basis, sales rose by + 1.8% over that particular period, and +0.9% in total. Whilst domestic French sales (4.757 M euros excluding taxes during this quarter) are dominant compared to e-commerce (Cdiscount) and Latin America, they have a lower relative growth rate.  In retail, Monoprix (it has been the best quarter for the brand since 2011), Casino Supermarket and Franprix, are the most successful brands of the overall group. Hard discount (Leader Price) and hypermarkets (Géant Casino, Hyper Casino) have a high growth rate, which is not the case with small  supermarkets (Petit Casino, Casino Shop).

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