10 Commandments for a Successful Promotional Packaging


n°1: Promotional packaging has to create emotion, surprise, or even astonishment in the customer. For that to happen, the packaging has to be creative and attractive. In other words, creators have to think outside of the box.

n°2: The packaging has to respect the company's "DNA", that is, its values and engagements. The packaging can be creative and appealing, but if it is not in agreement with what the company is trying to promote, it will not be succesful. 

n°3: Make it a full-fledged medium to communicate in a different way. 

n°4: Many brands have promotional packagings during a certain season, or for a specific event. Break that habit and create your own event, or a contest for example. 

n°5: Create a link between the customers and the brand, by making each product have its own unique packaging, or creating collector packs. Customers are attracted the rarity of certain products, and having a special bond with the brand.

n°6: The promotional packaging has to generate movment, sales and customer loyalty. Different and new types of packagings develop a feeling of proximity between the brand and the customer.

n°7: Customers are interested and attracted by products that "tell a story". New trend of "story-telling" through the packaging.

n°8: The product can look different, but also feel different. By adding different types of materials, metal or tissue, the product can become more sophisticated. 

n°9: Making products that can be customized and personalized by the customers are engaging to the clientele.

n°10: A more digital packaging that can help customers connect to social media. QR codes can be scanned and give the customer more information about the product through their phones.
Source: Magazine LSA n°2463
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