Is the Law on the Origin of Products well Applied ?


Since January 1st 2017, every product containing more than 50% of milk and 8% of meat is obligated to mention the origin of these raw materials. Brands can however be vague when labelling their products. A simple "from the european union" or "out of european union" suffices, but brands are free to label the exact country that the products are from. This new labelling system is highly monitored by associations and consumers. 

53.7% of products are correctly labelled "from France", including most meats and butchery items. Out of Charal's 33 meat references, 30 are labelled. 

26.7% of products are not labelled. In the cream and dairy sector, 1 out of 2 products does not specify the milk's origin.

Products that do not have to specify origins are:

1. Product made outside of France, and brands that are not French. For example Panzani sauces, spanish meats...etc
2. Ice cream and infant milk do not need to specify, even though they are 50% made of milk. Brands like Haagen-Dazs show that their products are made in France on the website, but do not label this on the products. 
Source: Linéaires n°336
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