New flavors and Products for Snack Time


Brands are trying to attract and seduce more and more families with new products, textures, and original flavors for healthy and tasty snacks. The brand St Michel focused more on the visual aspect of its products, like the cake slices that have funny faces or shapes or their "doonuts". They also focused on making more healthy products, with no palm oil, or carbohydrates. Harry's launched a new type of bread, with a chocolate bar, mixing flavors and therefore attracting more consumers. 

Packaging is also an important aspect of the marketing strategy used to bring in new customers. Milka sells its brownies pre-cut, and in small individual packages, and Bonne Maman sells its shortbread (sesame-raspberry and crunchy chocolate) in a small pack that can be opened and closed for a better conservation. 
Source : LSA n°2465
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