Match is recovering

Over the last few years, the Match supermarket chain has gone through a though time. It has decreased its number of stores from 140 units at the end of 2014 to 117 units at the end of 2016. Match, which belongs to the group Louis Delhaize, has also reduced its number of staff from 5,700 to 4,800 in a year. Those drastic cuts have enabled Match to recover to register a pre-tax turnover of €1.052 billion euros in 2016. It is also showing a benefit of €3.6 million euros in 2016, whilst it is not a lot, it is on the right track. Match also signed a cooperation agreement in 2014 with Carrefour which helped its recovery. With this deal, Carrefour negotiates the purchase of products of national and international brands - food and general goods – for the account of Match and Cora.

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