Bonduelle’s new r frozen vegetables recipes

According to an IFOP 2017 survey, 41% of the French consumers have increased their consumption of vegetables over the last two years. Bonduelle is estimating the frozen vegetables market to be at €465m and is planning to surf on this trend as it strenghtens. Its first move will be to offer different recipes for tarts and soups where vegetables are the main ingredient. Bonduelle will offer five precooked and precut vegetables mix to be used on tarts, to create homemade soups, or to cook with pasta. These vegetables mix will be for 4 to 5 people, conveniently conditioned in bags of 400-600g with an average price of €2,15 per bag. The launch will be supported by a strong advert campaign on the first trimester of 2018.

(Le monde du surgelé)
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