Carrefour Bon App! is getting close to the catering sector

With the snacking market booming - + 13% since the beginning of 2017 – Carrefour Bon App! is increasing its number of stores. With 6 stores today, the brand should have 10 outlets by the end of the year. Carrefour Bon App! is following the development of the food-on-the-go in France and presents a series of sandwiches and salads ready to eat on its shelves. In their latest store in Paris, fruits are sold individually and the shop also offers warm meals and pastries thanks to a baking terminal present in store. In addition to increase the average basket – currently under €10 – Carrefour Bon App! intends to increase its number of visitors. To do so, the brand will renew 30% to 40% of its offer every year and a corner is dedicated to the theme of the month in order to create a buzz. Carrefour Bon App! also expands it number of references, with 800 references in store compared to 700 earlier.

(LSA 2474)
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