Système U centralises its regional purchasing offices into one

After reorganising its IT equipment and logistics, Système U is now grouping its 4 regional purchasing offices into 1 under its new structure U Enseigne. With the objective of reaching 12.5% market share by 2022, the brand is laying the grounds to become more efficient. U Enseigne is operational since the 1st July 2017 and Serge Sapin - CEO of Système U said: “The aim is to simplify and rationalise our processes”. There will be no longer 4 legal services, 4 Directorate-Generals and so on. This decision sets Système U apart from its other competitors which rely heavily on their regional structures such as Intermarché (with its 9 regional offices) and E. Leclerc (16). However, the regions will still have a role to play. Indeed, when it comes to areas where local knowledge is essential – such as local development, facilitators – the local structures will remain.

(LSA 13/07/2017)
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