Whisky fairs go premium in French store

“For the last 2 to 3 years, the supermarket brands are bringing up their game by offering a wider range of whiskys with exclusive premium quality once a year” says Mr Stephane Cronier Spirits Marketing Director at Rothschild France Distribution. In addition to the traditional Father’s day, these fairs also take place around the last quarter of the year, ahead of the festive season. Whisky’s brands tend to save exclusive products for participating stores and provide discounts as those fairs enable well-known brands to double up their turnover, and for more niche whisky brands, they can multiply their sales by 10 or even 20. Auchan Maurepas for instance organises whisky tasting sessions during their fairs, across 25 to 30 of their stores. “The whisky market growth is due to offering more premium products, especially blends of +12years old, bourbons and single malt. Around 4 million homes are spending a budget of €250 a year on spirits” says Laurent Dredge, Whiskys marketing manager at Pernod. And Whisky is not the only spirits going premium, with rum following closely.

(LSA Hors-Série September 2017)
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