The lemonade, an appealing soft drink

In France, the sales values for Lemonades have progressed +4.8% in a year, compared to the other soft drinks which increased only by +0.4% over the same period of time. These sales represent a total of €64million. Especially popular in the summer and its warm temperatures, the lemonade appears to be more appealing than colas as they seem healthier to the consumers. While Lorina and the retailer’s brands are dominating the lemonade market in France (respectively 32.7% for Lorina and 52.8% for retailer’s brands), new brands are appearing such as Britvic which has started selling its R’Whites Lemonades via Carrefour since June. The national launch of R’Whites in France is planned for the 1st November and consumers will find along the 1.25L bottles the famous R’Whites cans, an unusual recipient for lemonades in France. Other brands are also entering the French market, such as PepsiCo with its LemonLemon and l’Abeille, a subsidiary of LSDH.

(LSA Hors-Série, Septembre 2017)
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