Gluten-free products go through a rationalisation phase

While the trend for gluten-free products seems to fade away, the consumer target is still growing and the market for such products remains very dynamic and is estimated to be around €110M says Fabrice Sy, Director at Nature & Cie. 
Gluten-free products follow the development of a consumption focused on well-being . While lactose-free products seem to be the new rising star on the shelves, gluten-free products are still there. In a few years, many brands and products have flourished on the shelves, both in the groceries section (by far representing the biggest share of the market) but also in the frozen food section. For instance, Schär is now offering gluten-free and lactose-free lasagne and Margherita pizzas. Big brands are also introducing new products such as Buitoni’s gluten-free pizza. Equally, many brands have bet on offering gluten-free products also branded “organic” in order to reach a larger consumer base. 

(Florence Taillefer / Jean-François AUBRY | 27 octobre 2017 |Le monde du Surgelé) 
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