The French have an appetite for a healthier diet

With a global trend for a healthier diet, the French society and consumption Observatory (Obsoco) has released a study on eating habits in France. 82% of them feel that they pay more attention to what they eat compared to three years ago. “Quality is more and more appreciated by the consumers. They want their food non harmful and that provide healthy benefits” says Philippe Moati co-president of the Obsoco. A trend confirmed by an exclusive survey carried out by Toluna for LSA. “A large majority of the French are looking to consume healthy food, seasonal fruits and vegs, products with less fat, less sugar and less salt” says Philippe Guilbert General Director at Toluna. With consumers more and more aware of the issue of food safety, they are more “sensitive with regard to industrial products and cautious about pesticide contamination. Hence the increasing success of organic products, local products and vegan diet” says Philippe Guilbert. Distributors and industrials have a role to play to satisfy this new appetite.

Florence Bray et Camille Harel, LSA Commerce et Consommation, 2 Novembre 2017
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