Aldi is coming to Paris ad Nice with a new concept store

The German discounter shop Aldi is making its first steps in big cities and tests a new concept which could well become the future of the brand. According to our sources, Aldi – who is used to have stores in suburbs and rural areas – has opened a shop in Nice a few days ago. Over a square area of 1400m2, Aldi is presenting a shop where fresh products are more present than usual, the atmosphere and the look of the shop more thought through, as such positioning Aldi as a local supermarket. Still according to our information, Aldi would be currently looking for areas of 1400m2 in other cities across France. On 22nd November, Aldi will also be opening its first shop in Paris city-centre branded “Aldi Supermarket”. This trend reminds us of the path followed by Lidl a few years ago, when it has developed shops in city centres. However it is a long way to become “local”. Again Lidl’s story shows this to us: despite its 1500 stores in France, only 16 are in city centres.

Morgan Leclerc , Publié le 20/11/2017,
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