LSA releases its yearly study of the grocery products sector

In France, the grocery products sector represents a turnover of €30.76bn, a growth rate of +0.5% in one year. Private labels’ shares represent 30.2% of the market. Chocolate bars are leading the top 10 of the biggest grocery segments with a turnover of €1.206bn. In addition, grocery products which saw the biggest increase in their turnover are Coffee pods with a +8.5% increase and individual industrial pastries (serve 1) with +5.4%. Breaking-down the grocery sector into the savoury and sweet segments, aperitif products are leading the savoury segment with the biggest increase in turnover +5.5% (representing €2.070bn) and breakfast products lead the sweet segment with the highest turnover representing €5.129bn. Dehydrated sauces and easy-to-prepare desserts are the hardest-it segments with a turnover drop of -9.5 and -9.1% in one year.

SYLVIE LAVABRE, 03/11/2017, LSA Consommation
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