How brands must adapt to changing trends?

The food sector is challenging, with trends evolving over the last few years. The Lonsdale agency specialised in brands’ transformation has analysed 4 key themes: healthy eating or fit food, which is convenient to different lifestyles but very individualistic, the oriental approach with an emotional benefit, the cult of vitality in order to age as well as possible, and nutrition. In fronts of those evolutions, brands have developed new strategies and new behaviours are appearing. The “back to basics”: they go for a healthy diet, care for the planet and are sensitive to labels and brands’ engagement. The “Neo-vege”: they consider human beings as one of the specie, therefore protecting animals and go for vegetal food. They are sensitive to packaging. Then the “detox orientated”: mostly woman based, they want to take care of their body as well as their mind. Finally the “get mores”: they want to increase their performance using the energy provided by calories. Sport is essential to them and they are after particular products such as seaweeds, insects and probiotics. With such behavioural styles, industrials have to address more than one category of clients so they can respond to as many expectations as possible. “This is what Fruit d’Or (Unilever) has done, they are present with different offers: organic, vegetal, rich in omega 3 and the super boost” says Honorine Lefevre, strategic planner at Lonsdale. Today consumers are flexible and a brand needs to diversity its product range.

CAMILLE HAREL | Publié le 28/11/,
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