50% of the French would have already done their food shopping on line

Fodali has releasted its latest survey carried out every 2 years in cooperation with the French Observatory on society and Consumption. The key findings are highlighted below: 
50% of the French have already done their food shopping online. This represents a growth of 4% and would be mainly due to the increase of online shopping platforms offered by brands (+5% compared to 2015). 
2 main consumer-groups are: those who only do their shopping online and go to the store to pick it up: the click and collect group. And those who combine online shopping with instore shopping depending on their specific needs. 
Home delivery shopping at a pre-agreed time by the online shopper remains the best option, which is one of the major incentives for shopping online. 
The French are by enlarge keen for direct online sales by major food brands 

Jean-François AUBRY | 30 novembre 2017 | lemondedusurgele.fr 
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