Promocash enhances its Frozen section in its latest stores

Promocash has opened its latest store – the 141th - in the South of France (Marseille area), which is more compact than its previous shops. The entrance starts with the fresh products section, followed by the fruits and vegs, seafood and the butcher’s sections which represent 40% of the surface of the store. Promocash also bets on the use of digital tools by putting screens along the way to guide consumers. The frozen section is enhanced with dedicated new storage units and a well-thought lighting. The brand puts the emphasis on ice-creams, offering around 80 different ice-creams and 30 ice-sticks. Its own label “En Cuisine” gathers over 40 ice-creams products. With this latest addition, the Cash & Carry’s brand has now 141 shops and 9 drives across France.

Jean-François AUBRY | 7 décembre 2017,
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