All the goodness of vegetables

With the trend of healthy eating, and an increased number of flexitarians, the industrials are looking at new ways to promote the consumption of vegetables. At Guyader Gastronomie, they have developed the Legumina flour: 100% vegetal based, gluten-free and gourmet. 15 products are on offer through all the distribution channels, from bread cakes to individual soups. The ready-to-eat industry is also multiplying its products range on this segment such as Bonduelle and its veggie salads. Following the trend for vegetable-based products, Pierre Schmitt, known for its delis products, is now offering veggie sausages. Dressings for sandwiches also go veggie. The group Unilever Food Solutions has already bought the Hellmann’s brand which offers 4 vegetables-based dressing for sandwiches and burgers. But we also find vegetables in yoghurt with Autret Traiteur! And more competitors should follow seen Autret Traiteur’s success ! On the drink’s side, the range of vegetable juices is growing. Easy to carry, vegetables drinks are a plus as we eat on the go. Marie Valton – marketing manager at Forezia - says “vegetables is a great product for industrial as it can be consumed in a different number of ways – you just need to be creative. It is a sector which should be booming soon, especially as France is one of the largest producers of vegetable in Europe.” What is for sure is that the catering industry is looking for veggies substitutes, and fast foods and delis are looking at alternative products to their burgers and bagels… and the industrials are fully aware that they must be visible on this market.

Encarna Bravo, Neorestauration 556, October 2017
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