Vegan brands by Ouifoods flourish on the shelves!

Founded in 2016, Ouifoods is focused on offering vegetable-protein based products, from starters to deserts. “Vegetable-based products will surely develop in years to come, as they represent a major change in the French’s eating habits and many EU countries” says Patrice Mussard, President of the company. At the beginning, the company worked on sourcing well-known vegan brands from abroad, such as Tofurky (USA) and Gardein (Canada). It also sourced EU brands such as Valsoia, Italian producer for pizzas, lasagnes and vegan ice-creams. You will find four categories in Ouifoods’s product range: first substitutes for products of animal origins. “they contain equivalent to higher level of proteins compared to meat of animal origins” says Mr Mussard. Then, different substitutes to milk products (yogurts, ice-creams…). In addition, a range of dried products complete the range with finally ready meals (which includes a 100% vegetal based pizza). The company distributes its products in many EU countries but France is its priority market for now, with partnerships signed with one Hyper Auchan and cooperation with Carrefour on the introduction of its Gardein brand in over 600 stores. .

(Le Monde du Surgelé, Oct./Nov. 2017)
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