The five trends that will characterise supermarkets in 2018

Toby Pickard, trends and innovations analyst at the Institute of Grocery Distribution presents the five main trends that we shall see in 2018.

1. Private labels will go premium
“Private labels enable retailers to differentiate themselves. Increased investments from retailers into private labels will lead to additional sales, but also to a higher pressure on costs. Brands will have to ensure that their products are superior in order to justify their price”, says Toby Pickard.

2. It is all about local production

Consumers are keen to buy local, and this trend will strengthen in the coming years. Retailers will sell products which are only available short term due to their seasonality and availability, as such increasing consumers’ feeling about the exclusivity of the product and the urge to buy it.

3. Home deliveries

There will be an increased competition amongst retailers to develop innovative and creative solutions to address this consumer’s need. “Gathering clients’ data and ensuring customer loyalty will be essential”, says Toby Pickard. “The help of IA may be used to predict and satisfy clients’ request”.

4. Healthy eating

Veggie, vegan, free-from labels will be amongst the most dynamic and will remain a priority investment for retailers.

5 Enhanced experience

Retailers will have to offer an enhanced experience to their clients to continue to physically attract consumers into their outlets.

Carole Boelen, 12 December 2017,
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