Bonduelle targets the frozen section

Following the trend for veggie food in France, Bonduelle develops new ambitions for its products for the frozen section. 
The group aims at gaining an additional €200m of turnover by 2020, of which a third would come from its frozen products. This would mean an increase of 15% over 3 years in a French market estimated to €465m for frozen vegetables according to Bondelle. While this is ambitious, it is taking into account the increasing trend of “semi-vegetarianism” which is pushing the development of veggie products. Today, between 20 and 30% of the French would follow this trend. According to an IFOP Survey in 2017, 41% of the French would have increased their intake of vegetable products over the last 2 years. Consequently, Bonduelle has launched a new product range to be found in the frozen section called “Mes Astuces Légumes”. The range includes 5 product mixes to be used for soups, tarts and pasta sauces. One sachet contains just the right amount to serve 4 to 5 persons with a price of around €2.15. This product’s launch will be supported by a major adverting and promotional campaign in the 1st trimester of 2018. 

(Le Monde du Surgelé, Oct/Nov. 2017)
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