#1 key food trend for 2018 : Transparency on the origin of the products

The food sector is faced with a confidence’s crisis from consumers, who want to understand more and more where the product comes from.

According to Mintel’s data (GNPD), the selling argument that the product is “natural” – that is without additives or preservatives, organic and guaranteed GM free – was used in 29% of products’ launch between September 2016 and august 2017. This represents an increase of +17% compared to a decade ago (sept. 2006-Aug. 2007).

Overall, consumers’ distrust has pushed manufacturers to be more transparent with regard to ingredients used, manufacturing processes and their supply chains.

Mintel says: “Transparency will soon be affordable and accessible to more and more consumers. The buy-out of Whole Foods Market by the e-commerce giant Amazon aims to make organic, natural and high quality food affordable to all”.

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