#2 key food trend for 2018 : Treating oneself

A busy modern lifestyle, being constantly connected, a global distrust have pushed consumers to find ways to escape our surrounding negativity. More people are therefore focussing on themselves and more and more consumers are defining their own way of life and healthy diets. “Consumers are bombarded with conflicting information with regard to what to eat and what not to eat. Consequently consumers are paying more attention to what a product contains rather than what is missing from it” says Mintel. However, according to Mintel, a large number of consumers agree on the fact that a snack or a pastry is ok to eat provided they are part of a balanced diet.

“In 2018, individual definitions of what it means to have a “treat” will reinforce the need for food and drink products that offer consumers positive solutions fitting their definition of a healthy lifestyle. This is opening a world of opportunities on the market for various packaging, formulas, portions of different sizes that will fit the diet and mood of consumers. Indeed, consumers looking to treat themselves will look for ingredients, products and combinations that match their emotional, physical or nutritional needs” says Mintel.

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