#3 key food trend for 2018 : New sensations

For Mintel, food texture is the latest tool that appeals to the different senses of consumers and offers them experiences that they actually want to share. “In 2018, the noise, sensation and satisfaction that food and drink textures offer will be even more important to businesses than to consumers. Food and drink products include a number of ingredients such as curcuma, matcha or active coal that enable companies to create drinks, snacks and other products with surprising colours which attract attention especially on Instagram, Pininterest and other social networks focussed on image sharing. The colour of the product remains important, but the texture is the new formula that can provide sensations to consumers and push them to share them online”.
Mintel is highlighting this argument with the example of Firework Oreo, a US limited edition providing a firework in the mouth. While Asia is used to these innovations and unexpected textures, Europe has registered the largest number of food and drink products’ launch with a texture’s description since January 2016 and 26% of French consumers say they would be open to test food and drinks products with innovative textures.
In 2018, products with a differentiating texture should engage the youngest generation too, as they have “grown with technology which has made interactivity and documenting their actions essential to their lives” says Mintel.
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