#5 key food trend for 2018 : Eatable science

A technology revolution is happening with regard to manufacturing processes, as some companies are developing solutions to replace traditional farming and factories by ingredients and end products which are developed in labs. Food and drink products developed scientifically will attract consumers caring for the planet and who are keen on processes that respect the environment. With time, the target for products based on science could go beyond clients caring for the planet and attract consumers looking for homogeneity of products, their efficiency and purity.

A key selling point for such products will be that they are seen as acceptable substitutes to products they aim to replace. Indeed 25% of British consumers are keen on meat substitutes which are identical in taste, texture or look to real meat. Technology could also be used to develop food and drink products which would be more nutritious, increasing its consumers’ target range for scientifically based products and reach consumers looking at products from a nutritional point of view.

Carole Boelen, 16 Novembre 2017, www.gondola.be
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