And the winner for 2017 based on market shares is… E. Leclerc!

Leclerc increased its market shares by 0.4% in 2017, which enables it to keep its leading position in the brand category but also to lead the ranking by groups.

Over the last period of the year, consumption in France was doing very well, with a clear increase in purchases by 4.2%, representing an overall growth of +1.2% over 2017. While E. Leclerc has consolidated its positioning taking over the group Carrefour (-0.5%), the group Intermarche saw its market shares going up by +0.2% and the group Casino remains stable.

2017 saw an erosion of the hypermarket channels to the benefit of supermarkets and drive-through supermarkets. A more surprising outcome would be the reduced weight of hard-discount stores.

Morgan Leclerc, LSA N. 2490, 18 January 2018
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