Free-from products are flourishing!

In addition to sugar-free or gluten-free products, new products are appearing such as the animal protein-free products and rawfood. Are the French becoming adept to the “less is more”? According to Nielsen, 36% of the French would buy sugar-free and salt-free products, 15% are looking at an alternative to meat and 8% at glutose and lactose-free products.
This trend for “free-from products” is due to consumers being worried about their health (obesity, diabetes), and about chemical substances.
Isabelle Kaiffer, Consumer and shopping insights Director at Nielsen explains that the turnover of health products in Hypermarket and supermarkets stores has increased by +23% between 2015 and 2017. Half of the French would have bought from the health products’s section in 2017. Consumers’ profile tends to be middle-age and wealthy, with a younger generation which “buys by conviction”.
However, price wise, “even if the difference tends to decrease, free-from products are more pricy than the classic references, says Isabelle Kaiffer. Manufacturing costs are still high. And these products are generating margins for distributors and manufacturers”.
Marie Nicot, LSA n. 2591, 25 January 2018

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