Snacking in Hyper and supermarkets: growth forecast for 2018-2019/what growth rate to expect for 2018-2019

Exclusively for LSA, NPD releases its forecast for the snakcing sector over the next couple of years. 
On the sales side, NPD’s forecast is positive, as sales for 2017 increased by 2% (equivalent to €2576m) and they should progress by 3% in 2018 and 3% again in 2019.
On the number of visits to fast foods and take-away stores, the forecast is also positive. The number of visits to these stores should reach 726.6m in 2018 and 737.5m in 2019. “This trend is linked to modernising the outlets such as Franprix Mandarine, Carrefour Bon’Ap, MyAuchan, Picard’s snack bar, Monop’Aily’ Canteens offering the option of a quick-served meal or take away” says NPD.
Finally, the average spend should grow (+0.5% in 2017) to +1.5% in 2018 to reach €3.65 and €3.71 in 2019. 

Florence Bray, 5 February 2018
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