Baker and sandwich shops: representing a key role on the Food Service’s market in France

The Food Service market is recovering in France. According to NPD, the number of visits would even have progressed by 0.7% in 2017. While this trend differs from sector to sector, sandwich’s shops and baker’s shops are doing well with the number of visits going up to 1.3% over the same period (representing 1209m of visits). Visitors there can be seen all day long in France, partly due to the habits of consuming pastries, and the average ticket is of €4.10 (against €3.50 in UK).

Maria Bertoch, Industry Expert Foodservice Europe at NPD says that sandwich and baker’ shops represent 25% of the visits for commercial catering in France. This percentage is clearly higher than in its neighbouring countries, partly due to the tradition for bakeries in France. Also, supermarkets and hypermarkets are key on the bread market, with 56% of consumers’ shopping basket counting at least one bread product.

Finally, the French are developing a sweet tooth for donuts, cookies and muffins which have progressed by 15%. Another trend coming is also an appetite for healthier products, such as vegetarian and allergen-free products.

Jean-François AUBRY, 31 January 2018,
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