The French are developing a taste for exotic fruits

In France, 60% of fruits are imported. This enables to widen the range of fruits on the shelves which either cannot be grown in France or with fruits offered out of season says Interfel.

Apples are leading the list of fruits consumed by the French in 2016 and at second place we find citrus. 25 kilograms are consumed per households (of which 46% are oranges, 33 clementines-mandarines, 10% grapefruits and 9% lemons) for an average budget of €50.90. These figures are up by 9% in volume and +30% in value between 2011 and 2016. This growth is even stronger for exotic fruits: since 2012, growth in volume for exotic fruits represents +11% in volume and 50% in value. According to Kantar Worldpanel, the French bought 6.3kg of exotic fruits per year for an annual budget of €21.60 in 2016. With a growth of 44% in volume, avocados are the most consumed exotic fruit, ahead of pineapples (31% in volume) and mangos which represents only 9%. To match this trend, Kissao, Kinobe’s subsidiary (€65m turnover in 2016-2017), has doubled the area of its warehouse near Marseille.

Marie Cadoux, LSA n. 2492, 1st February 2018
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