Coop de France Animal nutrition

Last November, Coop de France Animal Nutrition held its annual convention in Paris. Four topics were on the agenda: 
1.: how to better respond to market’ needs, in terms of health safety, traceability, with providing better information to consumers; 2.: Resource management: water management, recycling; 3.: Creating and sharing value with the producer member of the cooperative; and 4.: How to improve production on the health and environmental sides, using new technologies to save resources and be more competitive. 
In 2016, the French production of compound feed was of 20.655m tons, compared to 155.4m tons produced by the EU (excluding petfood). For France, this was equivalent by species to: porks (24%), poultry (42%), Cattle (25%), and others (9%). 

La revue de l’alimentation animale, December 2017
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